amo Navi-X for Android

amo Navi-X is an Android application based on the Navi-X Media Browser which is a "content aggregator" that provides access to all kinds of multimedia content on the internet, listed on a public directory of user contributed listings or playlists for playback right NOW on your Android device! We have a version for your Android phone, tablet, TV Stick, box, or Google TV.

Key Features:

  • Easy slide out menu on mobiles for quick access.
  • Easily switch views using Toggle View on mobiles.
  • Download unlimited items in download mode to your phone, tablet, HDMI device, or Google TV.
  • Download multiple items at once.
  • Stream unlimited items in streaming mode.
  • Over 200,000 updated media items.
  • Large community of users updating content daily.
  • Full cover artwork and descriptions when available.
  • Favorite your videos and content for quick access.
  • Support for USB On The Go (OTG) Drives.
  • Support for Android phones, tablets, TV Sticks, Android boxes, and Google TV devices.

amo Navi-X is optimized for Android 4.2 devices: Galaxy NExus, Nexus 4, NExus 7, NExus 10, and Google TV devices like the VIZIO Co-Star, the Sony NSZ-GS7, the Logitech Revue or the HiSense Pulse.

amo Navi-X for Android
Full artwork and descriptions when available. Long-press to see more.

amo Navi-X for Android
Left-right slide out Menu for quick and easy access.

amo Navi-X for Android
Toggle to switch views or downloading/streaming modes.

amo Navi-X for Android
Easily favorite any playlist you are on for quick access later using the plus button.